Statewide Sharing Codes

2020-2021 Statewide UTIPS Sharing Codes

UTIPS Core Statewide Sharing Enrollment Codes (including CTE). These codes will work to add you to the group until July 1, 2021.

Subject Grade/Course Enrollment Code
English Language Arts 3rd kind56
English Language Arts 4th sense78
English Language Arts 5th king34
English Language Arts 6th form52
English Language Arts 7th done96
English Language Arts 8th pick72
English Language Arts 9th ship18
English Language Arts 10th piece11
English Language Arts 11th world28
English Language Arts 12th real57
Mathematics 3rd could74
Mathematics 4th same54
Mathematics 5th fair14
Mathematics 6th nose35
Mathematics 7th mind76
Mathematics 8th knew38
Mathematics Secondary 1 kept64
Science 3rd honor93
Science 4th dream85
Science 5th clean30
Science 6th noise56
Science 7th nice47
Science 8th foot43
Science Biology past53
Science Chemistry board73
Science Earth Systems once61
Science Physics place92
Adult Roles note14
Adult Roles & Financial Literacy force94
Agriculture join32
Business wagon18
Child Development heart23
Economics and Entrepreneurship ship56
Family and Consumer Science ocean97
General Financial Literacy small56
Health Sciences sort99
Information Technology snow43
Marketing study14
Physics with Technology line38
Skilled and Technical Sciences must32
Technology and Engineering full62
Woodworking heart81